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Walt Disney World's Top rides

Travel and Leisure's article where they ranked every Walt Disney World ride made its rounds a few years ago. Lately it has been popping back up into to my news feed, not surprising since 90% of my news feed is Disney, Universal or food. Looking back over them I decided to put out my own list. Mainly because I disagree with most of their rankings.

My Top 5:

Avatar Flight of Passage is hands down the best ride on Disney property, it combines most everything a person could want a from a ride (Themeing, thrilling, excitement and pure enjoyment).

Expedition Everest is the best roller-coaster at Disney World. It does not have the loops or corkscrews that some people want, but it has the speed, story and track layout that it beats out Rock 'n' Roller Coaster for best Roller Coaster.

How can you not love Toy Story Mania! Everyone loves a good competition between family and friends. Once you learn how to activate some of its secrets it gets even better.

Test Track is just one of my personal favorites. I can see why some can put it farther down the list, but for me it is one that is always enjoyable.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the rides that gets a reaction out of everyone. I love looking at the picture afterwards to see how many people found it thrilling and how many were terrified.

What are your Top 5 rides at Walt Disney World?

Full List Below.


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