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Tokyo Dining Review

I had the pleasure of dining at Tokyo Dining recently and i have to say I don't know why it took me so long to eat here. The food, service and atmosphere were all excellent. I have eaten at Epcot more times than i can count, but have never eaten here. It was a nice change of pace from the restaurants I usually frequent. So lets jump right into the food.

First up is the miso soup. It was a solid miso soup, and it included a few more ingredients than most other places include and it paid off. I know some people won't like the additions but we found that they worked well.

Then we had the calamari. If you come here and do not get the calamari you are seriously missing out. It is my new favorite calamari. It was cooked so well and with so much flavor, just thinking about it is making my mouth water. The spicy mayo dipping sauce was a nice sauce but with how good the calamari were it wasn't actually necessary.

The Edamame were exactly what you expect. Its pretty hard to mess them up. They do not come with salt on them, but they do come with salt on the side so you can put as much or as little on them as you want.

I got the bento box. It gives you a nice sampling of a number of different offerings that Tokyo Dining has to offer. Everything was very good and it was so much food i had to take some home with me. The only let down was the teriyaki chicken. It was good but not as good as everything else in the box. The powder is a dipping salt for the tempura, it was very good and paired well. I loved the poke salad and the nigiri. The steak was the highlight though. It was cooked perfectly and had great seasoning.

Next up on the plate is the miso-marinated rack of lamb. The lamb tasted great. It was cooked well and had wonderful flavoring. Even the next day they tasted great. I love when you can take something home and it still tastes great the next day.

Last up is the filet mignon. It was not the best steak, but it was still good. I found the steak in the bento box to actually be better than this filet. The cheesey tomato was an interesting side item. It is also not the prettiest presentation.

Overall it was a great experience. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone that is a fan of Japanese cuisine. Next time I go, I will remember to take pictures of the rest of the restaurant.

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