• Lucas Reuling

Pizzafari Family-Style Dining

Pizzafari introduced their family-style dining on July 31.Needless to say, I had to give it a go! I was impressed , especially since it currently remains a dining plan Quick Service credit on the dining plan. No dining plan? The cost is minimal for Disney $20/adult and $12 child. The quality of food was a similar to what you would expect for a Disney buffets or family style dining. Definitely much more bang for your buck as a Quick Serve Credit. The portions are more than enough. The biggest downside is no discounts such as Annual Pass, Tables in Wonderland or DVC.

The service differs from both Table Serve experiences and Quick Serve. It is a combination of the two.

The Process:

Step 1: check-in at the restaurant and given a table-number and the menu to show you what you will receive.

Step 2: Proceed to the register where you pay for your whole party and pick up your drinks and salads.

Step 3: Take your salads and drinks to your assigned table.

Step 4: The rest of your food will be delivered to you, by a cast member.

Step 5: Enjoy your food.

Step 6: “Gratuity is not included, nor required” but it appreciated and has to be done in cash.

Step 7: Return to having a energizing blast at Animal Kingdom!

The food:

As I mentioned, I was impressed by the food; definitely a much higher level than the usual quick service experience, especially the pizza, which has improved greatly. This tasted like fresh pizza baked in a pizza oven, versus the earlier Pizzafari version of microwave pizza.

The Caesar salad is exactly what you expect at a fast food service; romaine with croutons and cheese. Happily, there wasn’t an over-abundance of dressing on it. You can get your dressing on the side if that’s your preference but I like mine already mixed.

The Caprese Salad was the winner of the salads. It was light and refreshing, the mozzarella cheese was delicious, and the tomatoes were fresh. It also doesn’t hurt that I love balsamic vinegar.

The pepperoni pizza was well baked, an abundance of flavor and just the right amount of oil for a good pizza! It was about the size of a medium pizza you would order from a pizza franchise, but tastes better coming to you right from the oven.

The baked ziti had a lot of cheesy goodness and was not over sauced, but the marinara sauce overpowered the cheese. The noodles were cooked perfectly al dente.

The Fettuccini alfredo with chicken was acceptable, but lacked the buttery and pecorino cheese flavor that you expect. The amount of chicken was also disappointing. This dish definitely needs a “beefing up”.

The miniature cannoli were creamy and satisfying. Downside, they were definitely frozen and then thawed slightly. It was a good finishing touch to our meal though.

Overall the experience was better than expected. Animal Kingdom needed a more affordable sit down option for families and the new Pizzafari fits the bill.


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