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The Edison

I have been fortunate to enjoy The Edison a few times now and each time it has been fantastic. The food, the atmosphere and the service have exceeded my expectations each time and I haven't even had the chance to experience when the real entertainment starts.

From their Website:

“The Edison is a lavish " Industrial Gothic" themed restaurant and entertainment venue. Set in an abandoned power plant and with patios facing Lake Buena Vista, the restaurant features classic American cuisine, including Prime Rib, steaks and the incredible The Edison Burger. Signature hand crafted cocktails are served at three bars set throughout the multi-level space. Family-friendly dining and entertainment are offered daily for lunch and dinner but at 10 PM The Edison is transformed into an Adults-only Cabaret. One bar has a stage and a dance floor that fires up the night with a live musician, flapper-style dancers, aerialists and a DJ to provide an unforgettable experience.”

Even better than the atmosphere is the food. We have gotten The Edison Burger twice, the Scottish Salmon, 28 Day Dry-Aged Prime Rib, BBQ Sirloin Steak Tips, Old Fashioned Meatloaf and Gravy and macaroni and cheese. The Edison burger was my favorite of the bunch, but I have always been partial to a good burger. The food was cooked to perfection, well-seasoned, and paired nicely with sides. As potato lovers, we got the fries and mashed.

The Edison menu was recently updated to include a few new items and to remove a few that could be bought from their partner restaurant Morimoto’s Asia. They no longer have Morimoto’s Ribs, Centennial Steak, Crisp Fried Chicken and Jumbo Lump Crab cake. The Scottish Salmon was completely changed, different marinade and spices, but still delicious! The prime rib is now limited to a 12 oz portion but comes with your choice of potatoes. The changes add a little more variety for people. The Edison has a limited number of entrees which gives them the time to prepare each entrée properly.

As I mentioned at the start, the service has always been good. The servers and entertainers are all friendly. The servers are well versed in the menu, happy to recommend pro & con. Restaurant servers attire is themed (no surprise when talking about a Disney establishment) and they enjoy their role playing The Edison is trying to achieve.

Lately they have had an entertainer on stilts outside the reservation area of the restaurant as well as the dining room which I found impressive. She does take the elevator instead of the stairs. 😊 Can you imagine trying to go up or downstairs in stilts? I know if I tried it everyone would be getting a three stooges type show with me falling everywhere.

Overall the whole experience is worth a trip to Disney Springs just for The Edison. I am planning on going again after 9:30 PM when their entertainment starts and will update this review accordingly

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