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Is there still a slow season at Disney World?

You see all these articles about the "BEST TIME TO VISIT WALT DISNEY WORLD!" but are they true? Does Disney World have a slow time? In my opinion it does not anymore. It has 3 seasons for me: very busy, busy and less busy. Very Busy season is holidays like Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving and spring break. While busy is times like summer, smaller holidays that make a three-day weekend and events like marathons. While less busy is when schools are in session and the events are smaller and more children oriented like cheer leading competitions.

The less busy season:

The less busy season is the best time to visit, but it is by no means not crowded. There will still be long lines for all the major rides (60+ minutes) and lines of 10-45 minutes for the smaller attractions like The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Disney has done an incredible job getting people to come during what used to be the slow season, by hosting more events like marathons, competitions they have activities for the pro bowl this year, expanding EPCOT's International festival of the arts to include the weekdays and expanding the other festivals at EPCOT to include more activities for everyone.

The Busy Season:

The busy season is summer and three-day weekends. When schools are out you can almost always expect higher crowds at the parks, but what is nice about this season is the crowds tend to be more spread out, instead of everyone visiting the same week as Christmas week. This is the second-best time of year to come crowd wise. On the other hand, the heat and humidity of Florida might make visiting during the summertime seem like a terrible idea. There tend to be little to no events during this time period, so the crowds will not be worsened by festival crowds.

The Very Busy Season:

This season includes Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving and Spring break. Maybe even Food and Wine during the weekend, the crowds get awful during the weekends of Food and Wine Festival. These are the times when the crowds are no spread out and most schools are closed during the same time. Spring break is a little spread out which helps with crowds, but not spread out enough to lessen crowds.

My favorite time to visit Disney World:

My favorite time to visit Disney World is mid-January to mid-March, September, the beginning of November and the first two weeks of December during the week since schools are still in session, which means less families with annual passes will be there and there aren't any major holidays during that period. The weekends will be less crowded than summer or major holidays, but they will still be quite busy compared to during the week.

My least favorite time to visit Disney World:

Christmas to New Years. Yes, there are pretty decorations, but the crowds are beyond insane. Come visit a couple week earlier, it will be less crowded and decorated. Spring break is pretty bad, but the crowds are at least more spread out than Christmas week.

Walt Disney World is fun and magical no matter the time of year you go, as long as your expectations for your travel period are realistic and you have a good plan of attack to help beat the crowds.


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