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Caring for Giants

Caring for Giants

My rating: 9/10

Price: $30 per person

Get a closer look at the majestic African elephants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park—and learn what it takes to care for them.

Caring for Giants is an amazing behind the scenes look of the elephants.

The tour meets at in front of Kilimanjaro Safari and lasted about a hour. A guide takes you backstage where you are loaded into a bus and driven to an area about 80 feet away from the elephant enclosure. The viewing spot is actually on the opposite side of the Safari ride so you can see the vehicles driving by the elephants.

Once you arrive at the elephant enclosure you are free to take pictures and look around. You spend a good amount of time with the elephants where they have a guide to tell you about how they take care of the elephants and answer any other questions you may have about elephants. They also have African cultural representatives there that to talk about what is being done to preserve the elephant population and new ways farmers are learning to live with elephants.

Watching the elephants move and interact with each other was an incredible experience, especially seeing the baby interact with her mother. Seeing them on the safari is just not enough time to truly appreciate the majestic animals that they are.

There really isn't anything I would change about the tour, although it would be cool if they made it a little longer and added another animal like rhinos or crocodiles.

I would definitely take the tour again.

Note: A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Disney Conservation Fund.

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