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5 of my favorite restaurants and 5 of my least favorite

5 of my favorites

Restaurant Marrakesh - Morocco Pavilion Epcot

There is so much delicious food options, it makes Marrakesh a restaurant you will want to return to several times over. I ordered the feast which enabled me to try multiple appetizers, entrees and desserts. Each one was delicious and well prepared. The atmosphere here is pleasant with singing and dancing to go a long with dinner.

Morimotos Asia - Disney Springs Town Center

This is one of my new favorite restaurants. Morimoto, an Iron Chef, is a well deserved title. The food and service are both outstanding, and the atmosphere is hard to beat. The Peking Duck is out of this world delicious, and don't even get me started on the Spare Ribs. Ribs only come in quarter and half rack, but that is all you need it's so filling. I got the full rack when they first opened and barely made it halfway through.

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen - Adventureland Magic Kingdom

Skipper Canteen is the best restaurant in Magic Kingdom. (What!? what about CRT and Be Our Guest) Skipper Canteen has a fun atmosphere and story to go a long with it. The food is well prepared and delicious, with just the right amount of spices and flavor. Skipper Canteen is much different than the normal fare that is found in Magic Kingdom and this is a good thing.

Via Napoli - Italian Pavilion Epcot

Via Napoli has turned into a fan favorite. It replaced Al Forno years ago, and I am glad it did. The pizza here is crafted to perfection. Seriously they import ingredients from Italy and import the water from PA since it has the almost the same mineral composition as water from Naples Italy. It is also one of the most economical places to eat if your family splits a pizza or two.

Sanaa/Jiko - Animal Kingdom Lodge

I couldn't pick just one. They are both delicious in their own rights. Dining while watching the animals outside is a wonderful experience, and the closest most people will ever get to an African safari. The bread service is absolutely outstanding. I have gone to Sanaa and only ordered the bread service.

5 of my least favorite

I will prefix this with these are my opinions, and that some of these will be better quality than what you find at a normal chain restaurant. They are in no particular order if they were D-Luxe would be #1.

Yachtsman Steakhouse* - Disney's Yacht Club Resort

A signature dining experience should be just that. There is a certain level of service and food that is expected and they just didn't live up to those expectations. I had to send the steak back multiple times due to it being over cooked and one time due because they forgot to season the steak. Plus the server was extremely rude. Everyone can have a bad day, but...

*This was probably a one off experience for this restaurant, but sometimes the experience is so bad that they do not merit a redo, especially for the price point.

Chef Mickeys - Disney's Contemporary Resort

The most overrated character meal out there. The food is sub-par and the location is not ideal. The characters are cute and have restaurant specific outfits, but if you enjoy food this is not for you.

Coral Reef Restaurant - The Seas Epcot

This is one where the atmosphere is fantastic, but the food falls short. It is worth a try if you really want to eat in an aquarium, but there are other places that serve better seafood.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant - Hollywood Studios

The food is okay, nothing special. The atmosphere is definitely different than most restaurants anyone will every eat at. Overall it was average, definitely not worth the price.

D-Luxe Burger - Town Center Disney Springs

I've given this joint 3 opportunities to prepare a decent burger. Each time has been a major fail. My partner and I have had 5 burgers here 4 cooked into oblivion and one not cooked at all. If you like well done meat, this is probably the burger restaurant for you. But if you like juice and flavor to your burger steer clear of here. The only thing they have going for them is their fries, but Daily Poutine right behind them has better fries.


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