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Why Use a Experienced Travel Agent?

There seems to be a common misconception when using a travel agent for your Disney vacation experience. The misconception being that the guest/traveler has no control and the travel agent makes all the plans for you. Is this true? Absolutely not! It is not the goal of an experienced agent to hijack your dream vacation. We work with our client to ensure that they have the best of magical experiences.

Will the travel agent reserve Fastpasses, Dining, Behind the Scenes, Bippity Bobbity and more for you? Of course, once the travel agent learns your families likes/dislikes, wants and needs. If you prefer to handle those logistics, it is your choice. Your Travel Agent eliminates the need for you to endure Disney's long hold, such as when a promotion becomes available, or when a hurricane decides to derail your planned vacation. The choice is yours though, but you are short changing yourself of the agent’s expertise.

A point to remember is your travel agent will have as much or as little control as you want to give. Yes, when working with a Travel Agent, we are required to be the one to make any direct changes to the booking, such as changes to dates, guests, resorts and processing payments. Most other things such as dining, fastpasses, airfare, transportation and pretty much anything else can be in your complete control or you can hand that tedious chore to your Travel Agent.

We work for our clients, not Disney. Disney views our clients as its future guests. Our agency relationship with Disney is of mutual respect. We both have the same goal, magical, memorable experiences!

If travel agent prices are the same as Disney, why even bother with an agent? That is an easy one that I’m sure you’ve already figured out. Time and Effort saved! You can spend hours/days/weeks pouring over the Internet, for information that may or may not be correct. Your experienced Travel Agent can usually answer any questions right away, and if they do not know the answer right away, they find it out directly through our Disney Business Managers and Disney Travel. Which means instead of you spending hours researching, your Travel Agent does the work and you get to sit back and relax, knowing you are being taken care of. You deserve that!

How many social media groups do you see that are telling you they are on hold with Disney for hours?

Isn’t your time more valuable than waiting on hold? If you are working with an experienced Travel Agent, s/he has most likely, already repriced and rebooked your vacation.

An experience Travel Agent becomes even more valuable to you during the planning process. They are on top of the best restaurants based on your family dynamic. They are they to recommend which attraction is best for your family that will require fastpasses and which ones are easy to walk on. They can tell you the best place to stand to see the fireworks and tell you when is the best time to go.

If they are anything like me they try to eat everywhere, just so we know what is delicious and what is a “eh” moment. Most have toured all the resorts and done some of the backstage tours to know even more. Or there are even some like me that have years of experience working for Disney, both at the parks and in retail and travel. If you really want a Magical Disney Vacation, then use an experienced travel agent.

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