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Tasty Tuesday - KeKe's Breakfast Cafe

KeKe's Breakfast Cafe - 9/10

Off Property

The KeKe’s Breakfast café, located at 7512 Dr. Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, was in an easily accessible shopping center with plenty of parking. The café had a nice, calm and comfortable atmosphere and was very clean and well maintained. The menu had a lot of options for whatever you are in the mood for! Added bonus, there is a beautiful outlet just across the street to do some shopping.

The Food: 9/10

The food was fantastic. I ordered the Banana Nut & Caramel stuffed French Toast with eggs and home fries. And Leah ordered the Pina Colada stuffed French Toast. Both had just the right amount of cream cheese in the stuffing. They did not go overboard with the cream cheese like most stuffed French Toast. Most of the stuffing consisted of the fruit or the coconut and nuts making the French toast well balanced. The serving size of the stuffed French Toast was perfect; just enough to fill you up without creating a food coma. I would advise additional side dishes like eggs and breakfast meat if you are used to a bigger breakfast if you order just the stuffed French Toast.

The Service: 9/10

Service was fast and friendly. There was so many people working in that small café that you wouldn’t think they were all necessary, but they were all busy. Both managers came over and asked us how we were doing and they even cleaned up the dirty plates as soon as they saw we were finished.

The Price: 9/10

Everything was reasonable priced, especially for the quality of food they were serving. And after eating on Disney property it will probably feel super cheap. Price ranged from $8 to $12 before tip. It is definitely a place I will return to for even more delicious food.

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