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Tasty Tuesday - Bon Voyage Breakfast

Bon Voyage Breakfast ~7.5/10 (8.5/10 if you have kids)​

Characters – Princess Ariel & Prince Eric, “The Little Mermaid” Flynn Rider and Rapunzel “Tangled”

Dining Meal Plan Points – 1 Table Serves (gratuity not included)

Without Dining Plan - $35 per adult, $20 per child

Trattoria Al Forno is a beautiful restaurant located on Disney’s Boardwalk. The energy level is lively and fun. Parking is located at Disney’s Boardwalk Hotel and then just a short 7-10 minute walk to the restaurant. If you have one of the later reservations and plan on going to EPCOT for the day you can park at EPCOT and walk to the boardwalk through the international gateway entrance.

The Food: 7.5/10

Pastries and fruit (appetizers) were good. I really enjoyed how Tangled and The Little Mermaid themes were incorporated into food and pottery. Presentation of food was well thought out, for instance the pastries were served in a frying pan and utilizing the shapes of iconic Tangled symbols.

The pancakes were average and slightly dry. The Tangled icon was a nice touch, powdered sugar on top of the pancakes, and covered in fruit compote. Kids will love them even with them being a bit dry, because the fruit compote is delicious.

The breakfast calzone was fantastic. It is served with just the right amount of marinara sauce, decorated with a trident display . Much to our chagrin, the servers take the trident back as soon as it is served. The calzone was well made and packed full of flavor.

The Service: 8/10

We had an 8:00 am reservation and were seated a little bit before 8. Pastries and fruit were served immediately, but the main entrees took 25 minutes to arrive after placing the order. Our food was not served until we had been visited by all the characters, but that was not the case for everyone.

Our waiter came off as a bit annoyed at the start (I’m betting he was still waking up). However, as the meal progressed he was quite happy and magical.

The Price: 6/10

It is a bit pricey for breakfast ($35 per adult plus gratuity) but you’re paying for the experience.

Character Experience: 9/10

The characters definitely invested a significant amount of time with kids. They were very interactive, dancing and singing with Ariel throughout the restaurant. Flynn and Rapunzel danced to “I Have a Dream” once they both were introduced. We did not get much time with the characters as they were focused on the kids, but Flynn did sit with us for a few minutes at our table. We enjoyed this because we are all “kids at heart”.

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