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Tasty Tuesday - Restaurant Marrakesh

Restaurant Marrakesh 8/10

This is one of my new favorite restaurants at Disney (Thanks Mom & Dad for the suggestion!) Marrakesh is located in the back of the Morocco. You have to meander through the street vendors and shops, as well as the cool resting area, before being greeted by a very welcoming staff, which gives you a wonderful feeling of actually visiting this exotic land.

The restaurant has live music and a traditional belly dancer, which of course, encourages patrons to join in the fun and learn the moves. This particular evening, there were many participating in the dance. This creates light and fun atmosphere.

The Food: 9/10

The food was outstanding. We ended up ordering appetizer Combination for two, assorted Mediterranean salads for two, Couscous M’Rouzia, shish kebab, roast lamb meshoui and a royal feast. There wasn’t a morsel of food that I didn’t enjoy. Much of the food is much sweeter than you would expect. The aromatic spices of cinnamon, saffron, anise, cumin and nutmeg was a joy for the sense.

The Appetizer Combination for Two was darn good. It included beef brewat rolls, chicken bastille and Jasmine Salad. The Jasmine salad was my favorite of the three. It was the perfect size for two people to share. And priced at $17.99 it was well worth the money.

Assorted Mediterranean Salad for two was also very good, especially if you like hummus, falafel and tabbouleh. This dish includes roasted eggplant puree, which was the only item that wasn’t a favorite for me. However, my table mates enjoyed it. It is served with chips for dipping. Priced at $13.99 you would be hard pressed to find a better appetizer for two at EPCOT.

The Couscous M’Rouzia is braised beef served with, raisins, balsamic vinegar, Honey, sesame seeds and eggs. It was culturally authentic, well prepared and enjoyable overall. It was very much a Moroccan type of dining experience. It helped make you feel like you were really in morocco.

The Shish Kebab Grilled tenderloin of beef with mixed vegetables and yellow rice. The steak was juicy, tender and flavorful. The vegetables were also very good, and charred nicely. A little more spice would have been appreciated.

The Roast Lamb Meshoui lamb shank braised in natural juice served with mixed vegetables, yellow rice, zucchini, capers, lemon confit and tomatoes. The lamb shank was large, tender and succulent. It is not as good as lamb chops or rack of lamb, but lamb shank isn’t expected to be as good. Overall the meat and sides paired well with each other.

The Royal Feast is truly a beast and don’t order appetizers and then order this. I wasn’t originally planning on ordering the Royal Feast which is why I got appetizers also, but after careful consideration, I wanted to try everything is came with anyways.

The Royal Feast consists of three courses:

Course one is Jasmine salad and Seafood Bastilla (Layers of thin pastry filled, with grouper, shrimp and mushrooms).

Course two is Lemon Chicken (Braised chicken with green olives and preserved lemons), Roast Lamb Meshoui (See Above) and Couscous with seven vegetables (National dish – steamed semolina pasta served with vegetables.

Course three is an assortment of Baklavas

If you want a sampling of what they have to offer the royal feast is truly the way to go. Plus, I had so much food left over I made two meals out of it the next day. The main entrees are all the same size of what they are if you bought them separately. I would 100% get the royal feast again.

The Service: 7/10

The service was good. Our waiter was excellent. When I switched to the chicken bastille instead of the seafood choice, my table mates were disappointed. Our waiter was right on top of this and brought a complimentary serving of the seafood, which was enjoyed by all.

Sangria – I’m not a drinker, but my table mates all highly enjoyed the carafe of Sangria, flavored with cinnamon, spices and fruit.

The Price: 8/10

The price is what it is. I think there was better value here than at other restaurants so it gets an 8/10 for price. 9/10 for price of the royal feast, that’s like 3 meals rolled into one. Is it more expensive than most restaurants outside of a theme park, of course it is, but that is to be expected. Overall this is one of the best values on property. It is also probably one of the most overlooked restaurants on property. So, you can usually always get a reservation.


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