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Tasty Tuesday - D-Luxe Burger

D-Luxe Burger 3/10

What can I say about D-Luxe Burger? You know what your parents have always told "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" (You are probably reading that in your head with a deep voice for some reason, just like I do).

The Food: 4/10

This has to be one of my least favorite places to eat on property. I have tried it twice now with three different burgers and they were sub-standard and flavorless. During my first attempt, the burger was cooked to oblivion, crusty and dry. It was served on it’s side, so any remaining juice in the burger runs, creating a very soggy bun. I don’t know when it became out of fashion to serve a burger on a plate but that method needs to make its way back.

On my second visit, I once again received an over cooked, very well done, dry burger. I usually order burgers medium, so this time I sent it back. To their credit, the server didn't complain about my re-order, but he also wasn’t very happy. The second burger wasn't over cooked, in fact it wasn't cooked at all. It was seared on top and bottom, but that was about it. You could see all the uncooked meat without actually cutting into the burger because all the sides were still red.

The one redeeming item is the fries and the chipotle mayo. They were both very good. The fries were not cut too skinny or too fat, so you still got that taste and feel of potato on the inside with the crispy exterior.

The Service: 3/10

The people at the registers are polite, but it is a slow ordering process. If you have people in front of you it can take awhile to order, and then you have to wait even longer for your food. If your food is truly bad they can return your money, but it is done on the same registers that are being used to put orders in so you have to wait a little more. (I hate sending food back or asking for a refund usually. I just suck it up but couldn't this time.)

The Price: 1/10

For what you get the prices are terrible. You would be better off at a fast food joint like Steak n Shake. Their combo deals would be a good deal if the food was at least decent, but at $25 for two burgers, one fry and two drinks, it was over priced. Oh and don't try to pay to upgrade to a large fry in the combo deals, because they do not allow it.

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