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Tasty Tuesday - The Polite Pig

The Polite Pig: 8/10

The Polite Pig is one of the newest additions to Disney Springs Town Center had a pretty delicious ones!

The pig It is located right outside the lime garage. Polite Pig is owned by James Beard nominees, James and Julie Pretrakis, Owners of Ravenous Pig, and James brother, Brian, owner/operator of Greens and Grill

Most of it is à la carte pricing, but some of the entrees do come with a side.

The Experience: 8/10

It was a very nice restaurant, for being a quick service option. It was bright, clean, very energetic and seemed like a place for everyone to enjoy a meal and a drink. The decor is a mix of country meets modern.

The Service: 7/10

The service is exactly what you would expect from a fast casual restaurant. You place your order as you walk to the counter, handed a pager, then find a table while your food is delivered piping-hot and fresh. The gentlemen that rang us up was very nice and upbeat, as well as the server who brought us our food.

The Food: 8/10

So far we have tried 4 different meals her:. the brisket melt, the wild salmon with crispy Brussels sprouts, fried chicken sandwich, and the brisket with mac & cheese. The fried chicken sandwich was the only disappointing meal, and it really wasn't bad, it just wasn't great.

The wild salmon was excellent. It was smoky and Grilled to perfection, flavored nicely and not overly salty

The brisket was awesome, some people have said that it is fatty, but it was all delicious to me. It was well seasoned and very tender. The mac and cheese was also very good, nothing special just good.

The brisket melt was very good, same as the brisket above, but on a roll

The fried chicken sandwich was the only disappointment for me here. Its not that it was bad, it just didn't quite work as a sandwich. As for the flavor it was average, and it was fried well. I would rather have it as just two pieces of fried chicken and a side than as a sandwich.

The Price: 6/10

The price is a bit expensive, especially if you get a sandwich, side and drink. Overall though the price is on par with similar smokehouse/bbq places.

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