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Can you over a plan a Disney World Trip

Like many others, I am part of those lovely Disney Facebook groups and forums, where people continually talk about how they like to plan every detail out in advance for their trip. Which let me think about:

Can You Over-Plan a Walt Disney World Vacation Experience?

The simple answer to this question is yes. A WDW vacation is a complex experience that takes a lot of pre-planning, but you also need to be willing to be spontaneous too for those special “magical” happenings that may surround you. A surprise character “meet and greet”, unexpected street entertainers and more.

Now you ask your what is a Must Do?

Must Do

Fast Passes (anywhere from 30 to 60 days depending on your resort stay). WDW Resort guests can arrange for FP 60 days prior to arrival. Non-resort guests can arrange FP 30 days prior to arrival. Do not be surprised if the favorite FP experiences are unavailable 30 days in advance. This is a disadvantage when not staying on WDW Resort properties.


There are over 360 dining options at the WDW Resort Parks! You can choose from Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Disney Springs. There are over 100 restaurants that offer reservations. Any guest may reserve dining up to 180 days in advance of arrival. A credit card authorization is required and failure to show or cancel 24-hours prior, will result in your card being charged a cancellation fee.

The Problem with over planning

The main problem with over planning is that people end up running from activity to activity and miss out on the little things Disney does.

One of the best parts of Disney World is just admiring the work that goes into making the magic happen. The details they put into their costumes, food and buildings is incredible. Rarely will you walk through Disney and see a dead flower, and that is because they pay attention to every little detail. Running from activity to activity is a good way to miss the little details. Like walking by a custodian that is painting a Mickey on the ground with water, or you miss the dating game in Hollywood Studios.


Leave yourself free time gives you the freedom to explore not just the parks but the whole resort. I like to go and check out all the different resorts especially the moderate and deluxe resorts. Animal Kingdom Lodge and The Polynesian are my favorites for the atmosphere.


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