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Future World Attractions

EPCOT is one of my favorite parks for the experience and the atmosphere. I enjoy walking the world experiencing talking to the international cast members and learning about their culture as well as taking part in all the ethnic foods available. EPCOT is commonly referred to as the “Adult park” for many reasons, including alcohol which is readily available at most restaurants and quick serves. The attractions also cater to multi-generational.

EPCOT houses some of my favorite attractions, such as Test Track, Soarin and Living with the land (needs an update but overall still a very good and informative ride). The Attractions in Future World for the most part need an overhaul.

Attractions/Activities in Future World:

Innoventions is a shell of its former glory. For years I thought new and improved attractions will be making an appearance here, but more and more activities are closed; leaving only Colortopia and the Character meet and greets (I like the meet and greets who doesn't love Baymax and Joy/sadness) but outside of that they do not even have the couches to sit on to enjoy the AC anymore. I am sure that something great will be coming to Innoventions, but it is sure taking a long time getting here.

Spaceship Earth I absolutely love the update this attraction received. It’s fun and educational at the same time, and it builds you a future all of your own. Bonus for this attraction is you are indoors enjoying the air conditioning for a decent amount of time.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends - The Seas needed an update and it got Nemo years ago. Now it is time for another update, don't get me wrong I still find the attraction super adorable and pleasant to sit through; however, I wish it incorporated more educational elements, similar to Living With The Land. There is so much they could do with it that would be fun and entertaining to the children and adults.

The aquarium is probably my girlfriends favorite part of EPCOT besides the food (although she is a microbiologist specializing in the Maryland crab). All the live animal exhibits (seriously I can never find all the eels in that tank), Mr. Rays Pop Quiz, Bruce's Shark world and Turtle talk with Crush are excellent! The trainers and professional interns are there to answer questions and teach you about the fish like why are cuttlefish (so ugly, yet adorable) and why do the clown fish cluster into one large mass.

Soarin is probably my favorite attraction in EPCOT. I love the new Story line and also the seating structure, truly making you feel you are soaring! The new video is great, but the best update Soarin received was the addition of the third theater. The lines move much more quickly, excluding times like spring break and holidays.

Test Track not much to say except the update is fantastic! The whole queue is much cleaner and futuristic. Unlike before where it looked like a workshop, which was cool but appeared rundown and dirty. Designing your own vehicle and testing is a blast, my nephew(9) loves making outrageous looking cars, always high powered and terribly inefficient. If you don't have fastpasses, try the single riders line, seats are in sets of 3 so single riders line usually moves pretty quick.

Mission Space I personally dislike this ride, but has gotten better since they installed a less intense version, but still not my one of my must rides.

Ellen Universe of Energy while I love Ellen and Bill Nye, this attraction is way too long and outdated; 45 minutes is just too much and the content needs a refresher. Update: Closed!

Living with the Land - Love this attraction! Mostly, for the greenhouses. Opening up an aquaponics farm is one of my long term goals, so seeing how Disney accomplishes it is awesome for me. If you have not done the “Behind the Seeds” tour, add it to your list, it is very interesting and reasonably priced. The beginning of the attraction through the scenes needs updating to include new farming techniques, but that is minor.

Journey into Imagination with Figment - A fun ride and the activities at the end are fun to play with, but I think should be overhauled.

Future World runs into the same problems that Tomorrowland has run into, how do you keep up with an ever changing world?

What Future World attractions do you think need improving?

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