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Why I Love Disney

I do not consider myself a Disney fanatic, just a person that loves Disney. I love the movies, rides, food and shows, so Ok maybe a bit of a “fanatic”. Like everything in life, Disney has the good, the bad and the ugly. I have been traveling to Disney World consistently for about 20 years now. I have seen the parks evolve over the course of those 20 years; Some attractions for the better (Soarin and Test Track) and sometimes for the worse (Stitch’s Great Escape, Drew Cary Sounds).

Disney brings so much joy and fun to those that truly let themselves feel immersed at the parks. Having the luxury of going to Disney multiple times a year, I have been able to indulge in sitting and enjoying the atmosphere, taking in an attraction or show, and especially love the people watching. Seriously, people watching can be a show all of its own. This was especially true when I worked at Walt Disney World during my college years.

In 2011, I decided to work for the Mouse through the Disney College program. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I enjoyed working in Hollywood Studios and EPCOT (My Favorite Park). Hollywood Studios, I worked all along Sunset Blvd in merchandising. I was stationed in EPCOT the majority of time spending 6 months working in Future World merchandise, one week working in Germany pavilion during Food & Wine, and a couple weeks working in the towers stores in the World Showcase. I had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful cast members as well as many fantastic guests.

One of the best perks of working at EPCOT is viewing the fireworks pretty much every shift (Rarely did i get a non-closing shift). You might think that seeing fireworks 5 times a week would get tiring, but they were beautiful and majestic each and every time. Another advantage was working in my favorite store, Art of Disney, I got to meet some of my favorite Disney artist like Larry Dotson and learn more about the Disney art that I already owned. Warning: Working at Disney makes your paycheck magically disappear.

Disney has something for everyone. Even those anti-Disney peeps (They just haven't found their niche in Disney). My Disney niche lately has been the food. My biggest complaint of Walt Disney World in years past, was the food. It was standard amusement park food and WDW it is supposed to go above and beyond in all categories.

Over the past decade WDW has improved its food tremendously. Quick service restaurants live up to their intent, but the food is usually nothing to write home about (with the exception of the fish and chips from the UK pavilion). The biggest improvement to the food has been in the table service restaurants. To be continued…

Favorites and Foibles in Attractions Scariest Attraction: Dinosaur Overrated: Snow White 7 Dwarfs Mine Train Underrated: Living with the land Personal Fav: Soarin' Cherish: Kilimanjaro Safaris Missed: Innoventions – wonderful hands on for families of all ages, plus a great place to relax in the air conditioning and with sofas! It will be missed! Favorite Shows: Festival of the Lion King, Beauty & the Beast Live, Finding Nemo Keeps Me Laughing: Tower of Terror Guilty Pleasure: Toy Story Mania

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